keith parish

Keith is a piano player who is, unfortunately for him, not in demand and plays for several very unpopular bands. Fortunately for you, he also happens to an NBA obsessive with the most unsavory sweet tooth. Keith hosts and produces the podcast in his basement, that the gang lovingly refers to as "The Baby Dungeon." 

Favorite Team: Memphis Grizzlies

Favorite Player: Tony Allen

Plays Like/Looks Like: Kurt Rambis/Luigi Datome

Favorite Breakfast Food: Donuts


jon burr

Jon is a musician, actor, filmmaker, and bullshit artist. He can usually be found in a sports bar, sweating out all manner of bad decisions. In true dilettante fashion, he almost never actually eats breakfast and is almost always horribly late.

Favorite Team: Memphis Grizzlies

Favorite Player: Marc Gasol

Plays Like/Looks Like: Larry "Grandmama" Johnson/Larry "Grandmama" Johnson

Favorite Breakfast Food: Bloody Mary


chuck anderson

Chuck is a stand up comedian and entrepreneur, owning a food truck as well as being a purveyor of rare and perhaps illegal goods, ranging from taxidermy to black market Sonic coupons. He eats multiple breakfasts a day and his texts to Jon regarding Lebron's sudden return to Cleveland were the inspiration for this whole kerfluffle.

Favorite Team: Miami Heat

Favorite Player: Hassan Whiteside (secretly, it's still Lebron!)

Plays Like/Looks Like: Javale McGee/Matt Geiger

Favorite Breakfast Food: Gas Station Burrito